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Therapeutic Photo Essays


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What is this?

Photos tell a story

Photos filled with glowing smiles in the actual places where we live and go to school reinforce your student’s positive memories of those sometimes challenging tasks in these spaces.

Memories build a routine. When we have strong visual memories, our executive functioning and self-regulation skills strengthen, allowing our days to proceed much more smoothly.

Why we use this

Photos are a tool to create stronger memories.

By looking at these empowering photos with your student regularly, you are helping your student to record memories and visualize themselves successfully engaged in school. Looking at the photos of their proud faces in their own classrooms gives your student the opportunity to rehearse their accomplishments and promote the outcome of expected activity engagement in school. 

Who uses this photo essay?

Parents use it at home each evening before bed. They do it in the morning before school, too. Maybe even arrive to school drop off early and flip though the book in the car before entering school that day.

Teachers use it this 1:1, with respect for your student’s privacy. Do it in the morning, as well as before any transitions. Find the photos that show the next activity in your schedule and flip to that page to review.

The Three Booklets

The best part is the booklets. You get three: one for home, one for school, and one as a backup. Here's a video showing Bridget explaining a few pages of this book.

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Boston Sensory Solutions

Greetings - I am Bridget, founder and owner of Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. with over 16 years of experience working with children and adults who experience a wide variety of challenges in their daily lives.

I founded Boston Sensory Solutions, Inc. in 2015 to pair my pediatric occupational therapy skills with family support. I feel this approach is valuable is helping families and caregivers better understand the effects a sensory processing disorder can have on their children.

My credentials include a BA in Psychology from Boston College and an MS in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University.

Meet the Photographer

I'm Jess McDaniel, and I started Boston Baby Photos nearly 20 years ago so that I could spend my days telling family stories in photographs. I'm thrilled to document you snuggling your newborn at home, your kids giggling at a minishoot in the Public Garden, your high school senior ready to go off into the world, or your whole family at a lifestyle session.

I'm vaccinated, boosted, and I always wear my mask in every family's home. 

Boston Baby Photos was named #1 Best Family Photographer for Greater Boston in both 2020 & 2021 by The Boston Parents Paper.

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