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A few Boston Baby Photos clients had nice things to say about working with me, so I compiled them into one video. Want to learn more?www.bostonbabyphotos.com/testimonials has more videos from clients.

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About Jess

I really and truly have always loved holding a camera. In the picture on the top left I'm eight years old, photographing my three year old sister in the backyard of the house in Milton where we grew up. Squinty eyed with my instamatic and stylin' blue sundress, rocking my 3rd grade Dorothy Hamill haircut.

The picture on the bottom is so unspeakably cheesy and hilariously unrealistic that I almost can't include it here (we were in a local magazine and the kind wonderful photographer did a lovely job but let's just say we aren't usually this adorable and happy), but then again, this (the four of us being dressed nicely and smiling for a camera) happened once (yes, just once) in recent months -- so I figured I might as well include it. The cute bald one on the right is my fab husband Evan.

But I digress. I am so lucky to have spent the almost two decades taking pictures of babies, families, and expectant mothers in their homes all around the Boston area. I love what I do every day, and I feel so fortunate to have chronicled fun, crazy, quiet, energetic, and sweet moments for hundreds of fantastic families over the years. 

I hope to meet you soon.

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