Baby's First Year


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The days are long, but that first year is short.

My popular Baby's First Year Package has always been made up of three photoshoots at home over a baby's first year, and it has always resulted in a beautiful coffeetable album

I'll explain more about it below. Or let's book a time to chat on the phone... 

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the first session

0-4 months old

Some families like to do this first session within days of their baby's arrival. I love when we can, because it's such a beautiful, tiny time to remember. But since I'm not a "make-your-baby-snooze-like-Anne-Geddes" kind of photographer, the age doesn't matter as much for me. Before the pandemic, I considered anything before 3 months old the perfect time for this first session, but I've extended this to 4 months now, to accommodate for reschedules and other challenges.

Some families decide to wait until their baby is 6, 8 or 10 weeks old for this first session, but as far as I'm concerned, as long as you do this first session before your baby turns 4 months old, you qualify for my package pricing. 

I'm also happy to create a package for you with more than three sessions in your baby's first year (I used to offer five sessions in the first year packages before Covid - I love when families want to do this!) so please do reach out if you'd like to add maternity or additional sessions into this package and we can talk about how we'd do it.

the second session

4-8 months old

This one, the classic "sitter session" - the six month old photoshoot - is just gorgeous. Oh my GOODNESS the chub. The smiles. I just adore it. This is where we get the sweet soft, round body parts... 

I just think it's so important to document the rolls before your little one starts moving more and stretching out into a big tall one year old. You'll be so glad we did. They look so different at this session than they did at the first one! So if you opted for a newborn session (0-4 weeks old), I recommend doing this one at around 6 months old. If you opted for a 3 or 4 month old first session, I scoot this one out a bit, and we do it as a 7 or 8 month old session so we can really show growth in our photos.

the third session

12 months old

It's a big milestone, that first birthday! I've been offering Messy Minishoots for years as my answer to the "Cake Smash" phenomenon - I love documenting babies being messy when they're turning one. Whether that's eating an avocado in their high chair or a cupcake on a blanket in the back yard, it needs to be documented. And those messy-faced pictures? They're such fantastic art for your kitchen long term! If you don't think your little person would enjoy a mess, that's fine too - let's show off some walking skills... with or without assistance. It's just fun to document that little person and who he or she is at the 12 month mark.

Coffeetable album

Then, it's album time

After your baby's first year photoshoot, it's time to design the album. This is the easiest step of all! If you're excited to help, you can go back and review all three sessions and choose the photos for the book, or you can just ask me to surprise you and choose the photos. Either way, it'll be gorgeous.

The books are beautifully linen-covered, with an imprinted title. We can fit up to 60 photos in the book, which means we can really tell the story of all of your photoshoots from the year. The pages lay flat, and the pages themselves are a nice, thick cardstock. We can title the book however you'd like. The title will be imprinted on up to three lines on the cover.

About my Baby's First Year Package

So how much?

Three photoshoots + Coffeetable Album = $1200

This $1200 rate includes the session fees for all three sessions and the coffeetable album (normally $295), and opting for the package gives you 20% off. 

If you're thinking you'll likely want to own all the high res JPGs after the sessions, you can do this one of two ways. You can wait until you see the photos to decide to buy them -- they're $500 more each time. Or you can prepay for the JPGs when you buy the package, which makes the package $1200 for the package + $1500 for all the JPGs = $2700.

My Baby's First Year package is low stress! No need to prepay or decide in advance about enrolling. If you mention you're considering it, I'll reach out to see if you'd like to upgrade to the package when it's time to book your next session. Pay as you go until the third session of the year and I'll retroactively apply the package pricing.

I just adore my job.

I'm Jess McDaniel. I'm a baby photographer, and because I've been doing it so long I've naturally become a family photographer, too. (My first babies from the early days of Boston Baby Photos are booking their senior photoshoots this year, and nothing makes me happier.)  

I travel anywhere within an hour of Boston for photoshoots. Outside of photography, I truly love The Container Store, salty food and my husband and daughters. And not necessarily in that order.

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