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keep up with them as they grow

They just keep growing and changing.

So many people love my Baby's First Year Package, and everyone who graduates out of it asks me:

What's next? What's the plan for year two? And beyond? How do we keep their JPGs priced at the $500-for-all rate, get an album at the end of the *next* year, and keep documenting the kids as they grow?


It consists of two photoshoots in a 6-9 month period of time -- one minishoot and one full lifestyle session -- and it results in a beautiful coffeetable album

I'll explain more about it below. Or let's book a time to chat on the phone... 

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One session in the spring and one in the fall. Or one in the summer and one in the winter. And a coffeetable album at the end of the year.


20 minutes in the spring or the fall 

One of your sessions within the 6-9 months will be a minishoot, and we can do it at a cute little pond in Milton or we can do it in the Public Garden in Boston. 

We can have so much fun with kids who are over a year old outdoors in 20 minutes! We'll end up with 25-40 watermarked images after your minishoot - there are just so many fun things to do! I'm happy to do these sessions with just the kids or with the whole family, whatever you'd like.

And FYI -- years of experience have taught me that I only offer my outdoor minishoots to families with children who are all over one year old - being able to have fun on your own two feet makes a big difference to the kind of photos we take outdoors. If you have someone at home who's under a year old, either start your annual plan with the full lifestyle session you'll see below, or consider my Baby's First Year Package.


45 - 90 minutes at home or wherever you want

The other session within the 6-9 months will be one of my full lifestyle sessions at home or any location you choose within an hour's drive of Boston. 

This amount of time allows us to play indoors AND outdoors... it allows us to do some coloring, to play in the pool, to bundle up and go outside and throw snowballs or hop in the car after some time inside at home and zip over to a barn and give some hay to your favorite horse -- it really allows for anything. 

And we end up with 40-65 watermarked images after one of my full sessions - we're able to take our time and play and explore. This amount of time allows us to really make art.


That fabulous "download them all" option

Everybody wants all the pictures, right? Of course you do! They're photos of your family, and I want you to have them, too.

Normally buying the rights to download all the JPGs from one of my full sessions is $750 and after one of my minishoots it's $500, but for families who take part in my Annual Plan, the download-all option is always $500.

Coffeetable album

Then, it's album time

After we do your two photoshoots in a 6-9 month period, it's time to design the album. This is the easiest step of all! If you're excited to help, you can go back and review the photos from our sessions and choose the photos for the book, or you can just ask me to surprise you and choose the photos. Either way, it'll be gorgeous.

The books are beautifully linen-covered, with an imprinted title. We can fit up to 60 photos in the book, which means we can really tell the story of all of your photoshoots from the year. The pages lay flat, and the pages themselves are a nice, thick cardstock. We can title the book however you'd like. The title will be imprinted on up to three lines on the cover.

Sample Annual Plan Album

The video above shows me flipping through the pages of one family's Annual Plan coffeetable album.

Click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to think about how we could do the annual plan with your family this year!

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So how much?

Two photoshoots + Coffeetable Album = $775

This $775 rate includes the session fees for the minishoot (normally $275) and the full session (normally $360-$460) and the coffeetable album (normally $295), and opting for the package gives you 20% off. 

If you're thinking you'll likely want to own all the high res JPGs after the sessions, you can do this one of two ways. You can wait until you see the photos to decide to buy them -- they'd be $500 more each time if you're enrolled in the Annual Plan. Or you can prepay for the JPGs when you buy the package, which makes the package $775 for the package + $1000 for all the JPGs = $1775.

I just adore my job.

I'm Jess McDaniel. I'm a baby photographer, and because I've been doing it so long I've naturally become a family photographer, too. (My first babies from the early days of Boston Baby Photos are booking their senior photoshoots this year, and nothing makes me happier.)  

I travel anywhere within an hour of Boston for photoshoots. Outside of photography, I truly love The Container Store, salty food and my husband and daughters. And not necessarily in that order.

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